About Us

DUFAS STEEL INTERNATIONAL core business is steel trading and supplying prime and non-prime steel products. Being privately owned and truly independent means that our customers enjoy a unique style of service that has proven to be the key to our success for over 25 years.

We provide a range of value-adding services. The goods we trade include flat rolled steel products, semi-finished steel products, long products, semi tubes & pipes and scrap. Our management team collectively shares a vast experience and knowledge of working in the steel and metal industry and this helps us to ensure that we direct the business in the best possible way to satisfy customer expectations.

Our main goal is to support our wide array of customers. We recognize the challenges in quickly changing markets and are always looking for adequate solutions for our business partners. To allow this partnership to thrive in the long term we base our work on fairness, trust and kindness.

Our business partners and customers expect flexibility and high quality with fast response times. All of these are essential for international success. This is where we come in to offer our abilities and experiences in analyzing demands and creating specific concepts for each of our customers.

DUFAS STEEL INTERNATIONAL is able to create logistic and financial spaces to make your business more flexible and successful. Well considered stock keeping enables us to deliver "just in time"!

If you need any other steel product, please contact us at info@dufassteel.com